1. Is alcohol allowed?
A Certificate of Liquor Liability and Oregon Liquor Control Permission permit (800-426-2004) is required if alcohol is to be sold at your event.  No certificate is required if alcohol is to be served but not sold at your event.  The certificate MUST be received by The Pine Grove before your event can occupy the building.

2. How many people does the Pine Grove hold seated?
The Pine Grove seats 96 people at tables. For meetings and presentations The Pine Grove seats 140 people. There are 100 chairs available and more can be obtained from other locations.

3. How many plates, matching glasses, and utensils are available?
There are matching dishes and table service for 100.  The pure white Corelle dishes include 10 inch dinner plates, 7 inch luncheon plates, 63/4 inch salad/desert plates, soup bowls, coffee mugs and tea cups.  Matching knives, forks, spoons, water goblets and wine glasses are provided.  Included are 16 serving pieces (one for each table): coffee carafes, water pitchers, bread baskets, salt/pepper/sugar creamer caddies and vases.  There are 2 punch bowls and several serving trays/platters.

The kitchen has a variety of cooking utensils and appliances, including dishwasher and garbage disposal (no pots and pans).  

4. How does the sound system work and to what can it be connected?
The Pine Grove has a sound system and projector. The sound system accepts input from the standard ΒΌ inch plug. Any system that can input with that plug can be used. The projector can be run from any computer to project any images you can generate (e.g. Power Point, DVD).

5. Where can we park?
Parking is available on the street and in the rear of the lot behind the US Post Office on Laneda.  This parking lot is within two blocks of the Pine Grove.

6. How many chairs and tables are available?
There are 100 beige cloth padded folding chairs available.
There are 16 tables, 6 feet in length, that each seat 6 people.
There are 8 card tables.

7. Can we take tables and chairs to the beach?
Sorry, but furniture may not be taken outside the building.

8. Are there local restaurants and beverage services?

The following establishments offer take-out food and some may offer local delivery options.

The Offshore Grill
Buttercup (Nehalem)
The Roost (Nehalem)
The Little Apple Grocery and Delicatessen
The Big Wave Restaurant
Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro
The Bunkhouse (Nehalem)
Dixie's Vino
Marzano's Pizza
A Mighty Thai
Sisters and Pete's Coffee and Treats
The Pizza Garden (Nehalem)
El Trio Locos
San Dune Pub
Manzanita Lighthouse Pub (Nehalem)

9. Who are the ministers in the area?
Area churches and clergy are listed in the yellow pages in the RTI Nehalem Telecom Directory or inquire online at

10. Can you help me understand the pricing?
Please see our newly designed rate schedule for increased ease in understanding pricing of your event. If you have further questions you can email them to or include them in your date preference email.

Pine Grove Community House
225 Laneda Ave.
Manzanita, OR  97130


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