The hall features a space and furniture to accommodate 96 people at table and chairs. The original fir wood floor and soft-mauve painted walls create a warm setting. South and east facing windows let in natural light. Lights can be dimmed and soffit fluorescent lights create a soft light, if used alone.

The focus point of the room is its brick fireplace (non-functional), lit by an electrical glowing flame with a long mantle above. Other items in the room are a piano, U.S. flag and small table for greeting guests at the front entrance. The hall is air conditioned, has a good sound system and a digital projector is available.

On the same floor is a separate storage area for tables and chairs and two bathrooms, one of which is wheelchair accessible. White pillars and a community events bulletin board mark the front entrance on Laneda Ave.

A wheelchair accessible ramp has been installed.

Furniture available:

·        100 padded seat, blue-grey folding chairs

·        16 – 6′ tables, with plastic top, seats 6 each

·        8 card tables

Rental hall features:

·        Room size: 35’x39′

·        Fireplace mantle is 87″ long and 13″ from the top of the mantle to the ceiling

·        Kitchen has pass-through serving window to the hall Kitchen, triple sink, two electric ranges and ovens, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.

·        Available for use are several coffee urns: 30-60-100 cup and 3 10-12 cup coffee makers,  16 coffee carafes, 2 punch bowls, vases, dishes and silverware for 100, water goblets and small wine glasses. No cooking pots, pans or tablecloths are available.


Local calls and 911 only
Message phone number 503-368-7463

AED and First Aid kit:

An automated external defibrillator (AED) and a first aid kit are available. An AED is a machine with a computer inside that can recognize cardiac arrest that requires a shock. It tells the rescuer when a shock is needed and gives a shock if needed. The chance of survival for a victim of sudden cardiac arrest is increased if the victim is given CPR right away and use an AED within a few minutes.

Insurance coverage:

Pine Grove Board requires that renters carry event insurance. A certificate of insurance with Pine Grove Community House named as additional insured must be included as part of the rental agreement. Renters should seek the advise of their personal insurance company to see if they are adequately covered for the nature of activities planned (homeowners policies often extend coverage for no or minimal cost). See also wedsafe.com or other online event insurance carriers for reasonable one-day event insurance.


An emergency generator provides limited electric power backup for power outages.

Tenant rules:

Safety code and laws:

·        No smoking is permitted in the building.

·        No candles or flaming devices in the building.

·        Serving alcoholic beverages is not permitted without prior approval and a signed Hold Harmless Agreement between Pine Grove Board and Renter.

·        Do not block exits with furniture or have doors locked. 

Decorations and signs:

·        Tape, staples, or pins shall not be used to attach decorations or signs to inside walls, doors, valances, mantel or ceiling.

·        Do not stand on the chairs. There is a ladder for your use and safety.

·        Chairs and or tables are not to be taken outside.

Clean up. All renters need to:

·        Leave the hall and the kitchen in the same condition in which it was found.

·        Furniture needs to be returned to storage areas or original position.

·        Renter is responsible for securing the building and returning the key.

·        Saturday night renters need to remove personal belongings and vacate building by midnight unless other arrangements have been made.

Pine Grove Community House
225 Laneda Ave.
Manzanita, OR  97130

email: pinegroverentals@gmail.com

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