Pine Grove Community House

Don't miss the Holiday Dinner - Tuesday, December 12!  Stop by the Visitor's Center to view the Historical Quilt that will be raffled (the dinner will be your last chance to buy tickets!)  To register call Stacy (503) 368-6734.

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Welcome to The Pine Grove Community House

The historic Pine Grove Community House is centrally located in downtown Manzanita and within view of the beautiful Oregon coast.  Surrounded by unique and charming markets and shops, the building has a long and significant community history.  Available for event rental, the Pine Grove can be the next location for your event or celebration. For details on availability or questions about securing the Pine Grove, please call us at (503) 368-PINE (7463) or email us at

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 03 Woman's Club
Jan 06 Sing Portland Workshop
Jan 07 Sing Portland Workshop
Jan 08 Sing Portland Workshop
Jan 10 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Jan 12 Lower Nehalem Watershed
Jan 17 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Jan 19 Women's Club Scholarship Committee
Jan 21 Nehalem Fire District Dinner
Feb 04 Neahkanie Meadow HOA
Feb 07 Woman's Club
Feb 09 Lower Nehalem Watershed
Feb 12 Valentine Dance Fundraiser
Feb 14 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Feb 16 Trauma and Your Health
Feb 21 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Mar 05 Ferdun Memorial Service
Mar 07 Woman's Club
Mar 09 Lower Nehalem Watershed
Mar 14 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Mar 16 Housing Task Force
Mar 16 Spirit Dance
Mar 18 Jacobsen Event
Mar 21 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Mar 24 Sing Portland
Mar 25 Sing Portland
Mar 26 Sing Portland
Mar 30 Spirit Dance
Apr 01 Solve Beach Clean Up
Apr 04 Woman's Club
Apr 06 Spirit Dance
Apr 08 Neahkanie Meadow HOA
Apr 08 New Discoveries Preschool Bingo
Apr 11 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Apr 12 Ticor Title
Apr 13 Lower Nehalem Watershed
Apr 18 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Apr 20 Spirit Dance
Apr 22 Nehalem Bay Health District
Apr 24 Community Evacuation Routes
Apr 27 Spirit Dance
May 01 Women's Club Setup
May 02 Woman's Club
May 03 Structural Evaluation
May 04 Spirit Dance
May 07 Tami Stewart Memorial
May 09 Pine Grove Board Meeting
May 11 Lower Nehalem Watershed
May 16 Pine Grove Community Dinner
May 18 Spirit Dance
May 21 Memorial Leanne Soderberg
May 26 Friends of the Library Book sale
May 28 Riverbend Players Party
May 31 Mysteries of Egypt
Jun 03 Neahkanie Meadow HOA
Jun 05 Manzanita City Planning Commission
Jun 10 Nelson Wedding Reception
Jun 13 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Jun 13 Tillamook PUD Workshop
Jun 16 Pine Grove Committee Meeting
Jun 20 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Jun 26 The Village at Manzanita Open House
Jun 27 Community Meeting
Jun 27 Pine Grove Committee Meeting
Jul 04 Nutall Family
Jul 08 Holiday Johnson's 37th Annual Yoga retreat
Jul 09 Holiday Johnson's 37th Annual Yoga retreat
Jul 10 PG Committee Meeting
Jul 16 Vanderwerf 50th Anniversary celebration
Jul 17 Vanderwerf 50th Anniversary celebration
Jul 18 PG Committee Meeting
Jul 22 Christensen Family Reunion
Jul 24 Mysteries of Egypt
Aug 05 McEachern Event
Aug 12 Bowers Reception
Aug 15 Join us for Pine Grove potluck Barbecue
Aug 17 CartM
Aug 19 Garrett and Tim
Aug 25 Ron Wyden Town Hall
Aug 26 Tour of Homes - Women's Club
Aug 31 Restore OR Inspection
Sep 04 Annual community pot luck
Sep 10 Grant Meeting
Sep 12 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Sep 15 Customer Appreciation Gathering
Sep 16 Community Meeting
Sep 16 Customer Appreciation Gathering
Sep 19 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Sep 29 Pine Grove Meeting
Oct 01 Self-Understanding through the Enneagram
Oct 03 Woman's Club
Oct 10 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Oct 12 LNWC Speaker Series 17 - 18
Oct 13 Open House/Community Meeting
Oct 16 History Classes
Oct 17 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Oct 19 History Classes
Oct 21 Graeber-Rodriguez Wedding Reception
Oct 23 History Classes
Oct 26 History Classes
Oct 30 History Classes
Oct 31 Halloween Event
Nov 02 History Classes
Nov 03 Sing Portland
Nov 04 Sing Portland
Nov 05 Sing Portland
Nov 07 Woman's Club
Nov 09 LNWC Speaker Series 17 - 18
Nov 10 Woman's Club Annual Fundraiser
Nov 11 Woman's Club Annual Fundraiser
Nov 14 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Nov 14 Pine Grove Community Dinner
Nov 17 Pine Grove Cleaning
Nov 18 he Nehalem Valley Historical Society’s annual Meeting
Nov 19 Calvary Bible Church Annual Meeting
Nov 24 Holiday Kids
Nov 27 Christmas Lights
Nov 30 Christmas Decorations up- Women's Club
Dec 01 Pine Grove Board Meeting
Dec 01 Pine Grove Board Orientation/Retreat
Dec 05 Woman's Club
Dec 09 NeahKahnie Community Club Christmas Party
Dec 12 2017 Pine Grove Community House Holiday Dinner
Dec 29 Christmas un-Decorate - Women's Club

Upcoming events

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